Business Website Hosting Packages

Business Website Hosting Packages

We’ve created three web hosting packages, each with a range of features designed to fit specifically with the our Small Business Website Packages, and your website management preferences. As your website grows, the hosting plan can also grow with it.

Note that presently we only provide hosting for website clients, however it is our plan to have generic hosting options available in the near future.

Mobile Only
per month

  • For Mobile Landing Page Only
  • Managed WordPress*
  • Single Domain Name
  • 100Mb Storage
  • 1 Email Address
  • 1Gb Bandwidth

Self Managed
per month

  • Self ManagedĀ Package
  • cPanel with WordPress***
  • Up to 5 Domain Names**
  • 1Gb Storage
  • 5 Email Addresses
  • 10GB Bandwidth

* For an explanation of Managed Hosting, please see below.
** One “Primary” domain, and up to four “Parked” domains. Parked domains will “301” Redirected to Primary domain.

*** For an explanation of Self Managed Hosting, please see below.

What is a Managed Hosting Plan?

Well, first off it’s probably worthwhile knowing what it isn’t. To that end you could spend a few minutes reading the text on the right – “What is a Self Managed Hosting Plan” – because it isn’t that.

Instead of you having to run it all, we manage your domain, your email accounts, your backups, and we maintain and update your WordPress installation, including plugins!

So basically we manage all of the things you really don’t need to know about. After all, those things are not going to grow your business!

What’s the catch?

If you’re someone who has to be in total control a managed plan probably isn’t for you. There can be minor delays in getting things done – for example if you need a new email address it would be suggested you plan ahead by a day. Due to the fact that we’re responsible for keeping it running, you’re not allowed to install additional components (plugins) into WordPress, and we get final say as to whether something can or can’t be installed.

You don’t get “FTP” access to your site either, but then, for a WordPress setup, that’s completely superfluous anyway. Some amateur SEO “Experts” will argue the point over that, but anyone who actually knows what they’re talking about won’t bat an eyelid.

The only other “catch” as such, comes if you wish to move your site to another host after the minimum 12 month plan. In a Managed Hosting environment that process requires about an hour or two of our time, which is chargeable.

What is a Self Managed Hosting Plan?

Basically this is the type of Hosting package you get with most hosting services, although we do a little more for you. Initially we will create your hosting account, and a single email address (you’re limited to 5). We’ll also install and configure WordPress for you … because we need it there to build your website. When the development of the site is complete, we’ll delegate your domain to the account. From there on, you run the show.

So what does this mean in practice?

Well, it will be your responsibility, via the cPanel system, to create any additional email accounts you require, and ensure they’re set up so they don’t exceed their quota. It’s your account, so you’ll also be responsible for maintaining the actual WordPress installation, for installing any updates, and for fixing anything that breaks due to any updates. Backups will also be your responsibility, as will adding, modifying or updating any settings that are required for additional components you install on your website.

Are there any advantages?

What some consider advantages, others see as potential dangers worth avoiding. For example, you’re free to add or remove components from your WordPress installation. But this is a double-edged sword, because if you break it, which is very possible, you also get to fix it. Of course we can fix any issues for you, but obviously that would be a chargeable service.

Self Managing arguably gives you more “control” – you get to run the show, get your hands dirty, do things right when you want them done and add or change whatever you please. But this too is a double-edged sword. Remember, “with great power comes great responsibility!” So really, the questions is, do you want even more responsibility? šŸ˜‰