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Business Benefits of Imagery

There is nothing rather so dull as browsing through a wordy website looking for something that you can connect to. Yes, it is one of those website commandments that ‘content is king’ however, if you wish to make a connection on a more individual level with your website viewers, and hence urge them to click on that essential ‘add to cart’ button or the “contact us” link, then you will have to encourage them with images in addition to text.

Visual Enhancement

The most standard and basic use of any images on a site is the visual enhancement it gives the website. Words can be monotonous, however when infused with lively and dazzling images, the website comes alive and is in truth more attractive. You need an attractive website. This means that audiences could so enjoy your website that they come a 2nd time and a third time. They might even mention your website on their Facebook or Twitter pages and this can in turn create more quality traffic to your site. More traffic translates to even more profit at the end of the month.

Value of Imagery in Web Design

In the exact same aesthetic vein, images can bring a splash of refreshing colour to your website in a really simple and effective manner. A photo that has been picked after a very carefully thought out procedure can blend in magnificently to the existing colour scheme, complimenting it as well as offering even more depth. One needs to be careful however, that the colour pallet made use of does not negatively impact the website. Generally websites that resemble an explosion in a candy factory will have visitors leaving the page before it is even finished loading. The charm about imagery is that it can attain an appealing colour impact without the risk of a rainbow clash.

Your Business Needs Us

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Images can likewise be made use of to bring personality to the site. What readers want to see on a page is something that they can connect to. For example, in the ‘About us’ page of a company internet site, a company could decide to include the images of some of its workers or premises. The reader will have the ability to get in touch with this more readily than a 10-paragraph history of when and why the business was founded.

Creating the right impression

Infographics on an internet site can likewise help create a brand for the company and even the website as well. Images cut a deeper impression on our brains than does text, for that reason when it comes to conveying the vision of the company, images can send a message that the readers can remember for a much longer time than easy text. Although text plays a substantial function in branding, images will get the message across faster and much more strongly.

  • "Our web-site was getting tired after several years. Steve redesigned and upgraded it to suit our current business needs. He listened to what we wanted, did the research on how best to enable the requirements and came up with a site that is very professional, customer friendly, and most importantly didn't cost us a fortune.


    This was all done in consultation with us, each step of the way, which meant very few alterations were required. It has since been very easy for our staff to manage and keep updated with our properties (our stock)."

    B Guillemet - SCR Hinterland Property
  • "I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Steve for the website developed for my business. Due to the diversity of the various elements of my business, I realise I presented some significant challenges to develop a site that successfully integrates all elements, while keeping the look and feel I wanted.


    Steve achieved far more than I ever anticipated - not only listening to my needs, but provided me with excellent advice to guide my thinking about the site. The features incorporated into my website clearly show considerable understanding of where the technology is going, what my future needs may be."

    S Wood - Be Your Best