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  • “Our web-site was getting tired after several years. Steve redesigned and upgraded it to suit our current business needs. They listened to what we wanted, did the research on how best to enable the requirements and came up with a site that is very professional, customer friendly, and most importantly didn’t cost us a fortune.


    This was all done in consultation with us, each step of the way, which meant very few alterations were required. It has since been very easy for our staff to manage and keep updated with our properties (our stock).”

    B Guillemet - SCR Hinterland Property
  • “I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Steve for the website developed for my business. Due to the diversity of the various elements of my business, I realise I presented some significant challenges to develop a site that successfully integrates all elements, while keeping the look and feel I wanted.


    Prosites achieved far more than I ever anticipated – not only listening to my needs, but provided me with excellent advice to guide my thinking about the site. The features incorporated into my website clearly show considerable understanding of where the technology is going, what my future needs may be.”

    S Wood - Be Your Best


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Who is Prosites and what do we do?

As an entity Prosites AU is very young, being founded only recently as a provider of professional website and mobile website solutions for small to medium businesses and organisations. Prosites’ founder, Steve Hobson, isn’t very young, and as the now countless grey hairs can attest, has had many years experience as a full service provider of web, print, branding, online marketing and even full IT solutions to businesses.

If the truth be told, Steve has been around and online for a while … a looooong while! Steve remembers the days when communications speeds were measured in bits per second (baud), not megabits or even kilobits. His first modem operated at 300 baud (if you were REALLY lucky) and used an acoustic coupling! He saw services like eWorld, America Online and even MySpace come and go, and was building educational intranets and teaching teachers about teaching the internet well before it was a household term. Steve’s years of experience have given him a deep understanding of online and offline marketing, and he has as good an understanding as anyone within the industry about future web trends.

Steve’s vision has always been to focus on the future, and to provide cutting edge solutions to clients so that they can stand apart from their competitors. Those trends now include technologies such as Responsive web design, mobile web design, social media marketing, Local SEO and CSS3.

Steve has been around long enough to understand which website trends are around the corner, which will stick around, and which will not. He prides himself on being able to offer advice for your online strategies, and even aspects of your offline business strategies.

Steve reckons he’s been around the game too long to just use one cheesy catchphrase, so he’s stolen four:

Do it once, do it right
Keep it simple
Don’t reinvent the wheel
It needn’t break the bank!

Get in touch to find out how Steve, and Prosites AU, can help your business maximise its online strategy with a proven, simple plan that’s implemented well and done right … the first time.